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Need some buyer request sample about data entry?

I need some buyer request sample about data entry.

I’m new in Fiverr and want to send buyers request the following gigs (web research, convert files, lead generation, virtual assistant, uploading product, and typing).

Expert please help me to figure it out.

Goto Fiverr Dashboard Click On More Click Buyer Request Everyday Regular Check Buyer Request

brother need some buyer request sample about data entry.

Figure it out yourself. We are not going to write proposals to your clients for you, and it is, frankly, very rude that you would expect us to.

That being said, you should check these tips out:


that’s helpful article for me.

Your problem is that you think you get jobs by sending a template response about yourself.

That’s not how it works. You win BRs by demonstrating you understand what the client has asked for. It’s about the client, not you.

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thanks for the information

Hello contributors!
I think, he wanna gather a few conceptions about buyer request’s responses or like …what we meant already that’s why he searching some of the formats i think so!

Now m suggesting you dear
This is not good for you, I mean as you reach here in this market place so you know how to express or introduce of yourself…