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Need some Clarification

Hello all. I need a little piece of clarification from you guys.
I have made my gig from 3-4 days and numbers are gradually increasing but I haven’t got my first order yet.
My gig impression is increasing day by day but not gig clicks. What does it mean?

Gig impression yesterday was 23 and today it’s 45
Gig clicks yesterday was 5 today it’s 6

Please help what is the difference between impressions and clicks and how can I get more clicks like my gig impressions.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Once again a post that a 15 second session using google would solve.

So let me get my spoon and open wide:

impressions is the times your gig appears on search results when buyers are looking for services relevant to yours.

Gig clicks count when someone spots your offering and decides to learn more about it.

Getting many impressions but few clicks means your gig seems not relevant or there are more appealing offerings out there.


Okay thanks :slight_smile:

You have to make your gig more attractive to have clicks which leads to have orders. Your impression is 45 meaning that your gig is already showed on search results 45 times, but only 6 of them click your gig to check actually what’s inside. 0 orders means, even though those 6 people checked your gig, they had no interest to actually make a payment on your gig. simple enough.

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