Need some confidence and guidance for my account


hey guys
i m new seller. i have earn some money and im excited to get payment. but now im having some bad thoughts. like what if im doing something wrong and my profile gets banned. so i would like to know the most popular reasons to get banned.
note : every sale i made is real. i mean i dont copy or anything. i have earned every penny by my work.


Have you read the terms of service? Read those and read them again until you understand them and have memorized them.


Read It


Agreed on reading the Terms of Service.

Also, I looked at your page. Your profile tag reads

“am maybe a new seller but im not an inexperienced freelancer”

Can I suggest you switch it up and say something like:

“I am an experienced freelancer who is new to Fiverr”

Marketers say you never lead with a negative. I would make sure to lead with the fact that you are an experienced freelancer.

Other than that I think your stuff looks great. Just keep an eye on the terms of service and check in here in the forum if you have questions.


thank you. i’ll change it right away.