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Need some constructive criticism regd my gigs!


Ok everyone, I am ready for some constructive criticism on my gigs now. Sales are dipping and I am worried if its just the holidays (which are over , BTW) or something else ?


I don’t think anything is wrong with your gig(s) just fiverr orders can run hot and cold, just keep marketing and doing what you do best. I just looked and you have some orders in queue so that is a good thing


Your gigs look great, if you need any marketing of your gigs let me know, could do a swap or something.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Yeah I know. its does run hot and cold with Fiverr sales but last 2 weeks have been slow as a snail.


Reply to @ehelper888: Sure! hit me up with any suggestions you have :slight_smile: