Need some constructive criticism


It’s been 3 months since joining Fiverr and sales have slowed down dramatically. I am trying to earn enough money to buy a wedding ring for my girlfriend Caitlin, but at this rate I won’t be doing that any time soon. Can someone take a look at my gigs and give me some advice?


Your gigs are interesting, but in presentation, they all look alike. I was distracted by the similar fonts, tilted lettering and ‘BUY NOW’ was a little hard sell and scammy looking (I’m not saying there’s anything illegitimate about your gigs, but they have a real ‘used car salesman’ look/pitch to them.)

I suggest you make a video of yourself, describing your products beyond the logo one – where it’s good to show your sample work right up front – and explain why the customer should pick you for their blog writing/computer fixing/wordpress install. Make it funny or fun, lively. It will give a much more human face to all your gigs. Also, don’t be afraid to mention that you are trying to save up for a wedding ring – I do Fiverr to be able to buy clothing for my baby and take my son on a little summer vacation/get Christmas gifts for him, nothing wrong with letting potential customers know that.

Putting a human face on your gigs are important here, especially if you do work that has a lot of competition. Good luck!