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Need some experts opinion

Need some experts. Other suggestions for my gig pls.
My gig


You have a Gig that is in a very saturated and overly populated category.

It will be difficult to stand out.

Also, even with your most expensive package, offering “unlimited revisions” is not a good idea.



Agree with @genuineguidance


Only 1 portfolio.
Gigs description is short…, unprofessional.
Gigs Package tittle is S, M and L? Seriously?
You overlap your portfolio with “order now”.?

I don’t think you are serious with your gigs.

NOTE that succesful seller willing to do their own homework. ( Learn and research)
With your current attitude toward your own gigs…, i don’t think it will works.

With you luck,


I think @genuineguidance and @ridwansugi have already nailed it down with the answers.
It’s best for you to give more efforts into that gig if you are to expect any sort of positive feedback/client engagement.

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Best advice I would give you is to find a very specific niche within your gigs. The less people posting that skill the better the chance of getting noticed

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Thank you for the tip. Will apply that to my gig.

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Thanks to you also. :sweat_smile:

I’m doing graphics designs using photoshop and illustrator. Any niche you can suggest?

I don’t have any at the moment but you can switch to buying so you can use the Fiverr search button to see if there is a niche with few sellers

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Yey because of these comments I had my first buyer (Top buyer) Thanks alot.