Need some experts to review my gigs and suggest some handy instructions


Here is link


Your basic writing $5 gig offers 500 pages instead of 500 words. Yikes.

Your grammar reads a bit rocky. Also, punctuation seems slightly off.

Don’t want to be mean, but I’m not completely sure your language skills are up to par to be offering a writing or translation gig.


Thank you for your review, would you like to suggest me how can I improve my gigs.


thank you, i’ll correct it.i was not write it deliberately.


She provided you with three ways you could improve my gigs. How many more ways do you need?


Thank you @jonbaas , I’ll definitely follow her instructions but I need to know is there anything else which is needed to be added.


Hi Matilda, somaginer1996 is right: your writing is not well structured, and there is word misuse and I don’t want to be mean either, but it seems English is not your first language. Your description has punctuation mistakes and incorrect words too so you should use simple language instead of trying to insert more complex words that are not necessary


@emgarry thank you, I’ll try my best to improve it, appreciate you kind gesture to help me out.


That’s no problem, Matilda1786!
Best of luck!


thank you for the encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:


Just keep your written language short and simple as it is crucial to have good writing in your gig descriptions when you are offering a writing service


@emgarry I reformed it into simple language, if you don’t mind kindly visit it again and let me know that is it okay now?


Hi @matilda1786
Your description still needs work, as do your gig titles:
For example:
Instead of, ‘I will provide you creative writing service’, you could say, ‘I will creatively write about a topic for you’
Instead of, ‘I Will Translate For You, English To Urdu And Vice Versa’, you could say, ‘I will translate from English to Urdu and vice versa for you’


@emgarry thank you! really grateful for your help :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:


You’re welcome @matilda1786
As you are offering a writing service, your writing needs expert attention to detail on your gig descriptions as that all potential buyers have to go on and if they see mistakes in your writing, they will assume you will make mistakes when writing for them.


yeah, I can understand it.