Need some feedback!


Hey guys. I’m new to Fiverr and thought it’d be time to shine in the commercial part of Photoshop, and thus I’ve made a few gigs, with no clients so far though, but I know it’s all about patience. I would like some feedback. What could I improve? I’m thinking of making a presentation video. I, sadly, cannot share it on social networks (I did, though), cause I’m not followed much.

Here are my gigs:

Thanks! :slight_smile:






Reply to @kjblynx:

Hey, thanks for the feedback, yeah, I guess you’re right, but I wanted to know if there is something wrong with my gigs, I know you have to be patient but my views & impressions are rising, orders not, even though this is common.


You don’t really show what you are selling, in any meaningful way. That would keep me from buying. Since you don’t have a live portfolio you have to create some samples yourself.

Good luck!


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Thanks man, that’s helpful.