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Need some genuine suggestions on my gig, HIGHLY NECESSARY!

Hi people !!
I just made a new gig where I provide highly eye-catchy, unique and amazing thumbnail designs.
I need some suggestions to make it a better gig and improve the ranking.

Here is the link :

Please visit the ink and let me know how does it appeal to people and review it too. HIGHLY NECESSARY for me to get reviews from you people about it.


Try replacing:

In the thumbnail:
“in quick 3 hours!!” with “in just 3 hours or less!”

In the gig’s description:
Try replacing:
" Are you willing to take your YouTube Channel among Most Trending ones ??"
with: “Do you want to take your YouTube Channel among the Most Trending ones??”

“You must have” with “you may have”

Even if you are a good designer, remove that “Best Designer on Fiverr” because someone might “trigger” for some reasons.

Remove “My Offer Contains all the best things which you can expect” and leave " For just $5 you will have:"

Remove unlimited revisions, that may attract bad buyers.

I think that’s enough.


Yess, that seems to be a really Nice review.
Thanks a lot !!


One more query @geceli
Are my Display images good enough to catch the attention of buyers ?

  • Put another example of your work on the 3rd slide. I’m not sure why there is a big picture of yourself there.

  • Remove layer effects from all the text. No one uses bevel and emboss and stroke on things unironically in 2020. Clean, simple text is perfectly fine.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions.
I was in progress of Designing the third image and I will update that really soon.
Regarding the emboss effect, I thought that it will grab more attention, doesn’t it ??

It makes the design look old. You want it to look fresh.


Alright, I will make the changes.
Thankyou for the review.:blush:

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I think that they are good enough :slight_smile: but follow even the other advices.

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its good and ok i don’t think so to change it, its my view. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I am trying to make the best out of every suggest. Thankyou :blush:

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Thankyou so much @sa_classydesign :blush:

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welcome brother :green_heart:

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I think it needs to be more cleare design

Try to add a gig video and pdf containing your samples

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Could you please elaborate, in what way does it need to be more clearer.
Thankyou :blush:

Yeah, I am on it !!
Thankyou :blush:

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bro take more course and learn about your work

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I will definitely be taking some courses to better my skills. Thankyou so much !!
Btw, could you please suggest anything particular to my gig and my profile ?
Your suggestion will be helpful to me !!

you can take some course by fiverr learn online course … there some exprience person selling online course … or you can get some tips into youtube

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