Need some good tips


I make 3 gigs a week ago.
I additionally did some social promoting and send buyer request
till now, I don’t get any order even not a knock from clients.
I am expecting a few tips from the experience freelancers.


Write your gig service and share fb,twitter,linkdin and many other social site


Please active all time in fiverr


There are plenty of posts in this forum.
All you have to do is read.

Start here


Ok, thank you.


Thank you aftadul for your tips. I will try to act all-time in fiverr


Thank you shoaybul_islam for your tips.


always try to avtive in fiverr.
send buyer request more and more.
share your gig on social media.
Best of luck man :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


expert_suvo thank you, man. :grinning::grinning: