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Need some help about gig problem solve

hello everyone. I joined Fiverr in September. I’m creating two gigs first they are going well. But sometimes I have a family problem that’s why I am not active on gig click and impression day by day decrease. now I am sharing my gig on social media. But no result. I can delete my gig and create it again. If I do it any problem in my account. need help

Send buyer request daily. but keep in mind, “you have to read buyer request clearly and reply on basis of their requirements.”

i have no buyer request as my topic one week i have send only one buyer request so now what can i do

Just stay online one day fully. Then you will get an idea of when you will get the buyer request. Then daily just those times check your mobile or PC, you will get buyer request. I hope so.


Edit the gig title and the description a little bit. And observe the impressions,clicks , views etc.
Hope you will get effective result

thanks for advice i will do same

are you visit my gig? i have change it already 2 time