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Need some help about gig

Hey have a look at my flyer gig and suggest me anything to improve my gig . I am not getting any order on my gig :frowning:

Why do you think you might not be getting orders?

I think something wrong with my gig . I have skill so why i am not getting any order ?? i am really depressed

Have you tried adding your own logos to your portfolio?

yes i tried but not succeed . :frowning:

Fiverr isn’t for everyone. Try a different platform or maybe even a 9-5 job at a local design company.

I have a good profile on other marketplace :slight_smile: i am here for some extra money :slight_smile:

Good, then there’s nothing to be depressed about.
There are plent of posts on how to improve your gigs. If that doesn’t help then focus on your other profile.
Problem solved :wink:

thanks dude :slight_smile:
thanks for help


I looked at your gig
"I will design busnies flyer in 24 hour".
Did you mean “business”?
No offense intended but I would not buy a flyer gig from someone who made a typo in the tittle.

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can you suggest me something better title . and give me any idea about gig title ?

The tittle is fine but you might want to check the spelling.
It’s not busnies but business :slight_smile:

oww typing mistake :frowning:

Well look at the bright side:
a) You can correct it.
b) It could have been worst, at least your gig is not proofreading :stuck_out_tongue:

Attention to detail is very important as a buyer will probably see that as a measure of the service they are likely to get.

can you help me with that ?

any suggestion about details ?

You have got to sort that one out yourself. Only you can have attention to detail as far as your own work is concerned.

Edit: If someone does not show attention to detail about one thing or another they are unlikely to show attention to detail about anything. Herein lies the problem!

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What have you done so far to help yourself?

You’ll find a :truck: load of tips & tricks :black_joker: for sellers. :anchor:

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Research your competitors and see why they are getting orders. Quick solution :wink: