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Need some help from people with more experience on Fiverr



I hope I posted in the right category. If not, somebody please direct me to the proper one and I will move this topic.

Would like to kindly ask all of you “veterans” here on Fiverr what to do if I will leave the country for the entire summer (15 june to 15 October) and one or more of my gigs are no longer deliverable because they are linked to my hometown?

1.Is there any way of pausing a gig?

2. What is the maximum period of delivery usable when you post a gig?

3. Did you have a similar problem? What did you do?

*This question is only for some of my gigs, Im planning on continuing my work on the gigs that I can deliver from any location. So Im guessing that I wont have any problems related to my Level.<br /> <br /> Thank you for the time you provided me by reading this long post.<br /> Looking forward to your response and to this summer (cause Im coming to the beautiful country from which Fiverr is originated :D, but I will be spending it all in San Francisco).

Warm regards,



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I dont’ know if this is the right place. But i would really like if an experienced fiverer responded. i got 3 orders from buyers in the past 3 days. i completed the work and delivered in time but they didnt rate me. Now, the order time has run out after 3 days for which I had delivered within the first day itself, yet the order doesnt’ show as completed. Its just there in the notifications. How to mark the order as completed? Also, the funds are supposed to shift from pending to awaiting clearance category, which has not happened. Please help.