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Need some help ! (my gig video images.)

Hello Fiverr !

I have some issue with my gig video images.

How can I change it, because are not relevant ?

Thank You so much !

simply by editing your gig you would be able to delete old pics and upload new ones.

I’ve been told by a seller that once the video is completed and you upload it to Fiverr; that Fiverr Administrators/Editors are the only ones who can effect the selection of video thumb nails. I might just get better pictures taken next time so that which ever picture becomes the random thumbnail is a good picture. This does not apply to an instructional video, however, but to a product video. Contact Customer Support regarding your specific problem. Good luck.

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This are not pics, is about video thumbs.

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Thank You so much Pearlsant !

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You’re very welcome.