Need some help , regarding my gig video!


Hey , I need all of you to see the video i have recently made and uploaded in my gig - and let me know how is it and if i need to make any changes ? , i’m thinking to make more such videos for my other gigs so a little time of yours will be very helpful !

Thank You :slight_smile:


Anyone ???


You are using an Armin Van Buuren song in the video.

This breaches copyright as you do not have the rights to use that track. Unless you have paid for the relevant licensing fees (undoubtedly several thousand dollars) to use that snippet from the song of course :slight_smile:

If not, the video will be removed by Fiverr when they find it.

Just my observation.


no too good with music…but hope the song you are using is free royalty music…if not, get in touch and will help you with a website for frr royalty music to use…

Nice and simple video.


Thankyou for your feedback, I will find some royalty free music and make the video again :slight_smile: