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Need some help

Hello, I am new in fiverr. I joined fiverr 14 days ago. I have 5 active gig and almost sell 1. But i think my gig not get much preview and clicks and how to collect buyer for my gigs.

Thank you.

It is imperative that you don’t only rely on the traffic generated here.

Do you have a FB, twitter or instagram account that you can use to promote your service outside?

The problem with getting offsite traffic through social media is that most people don’t have a social media following that will actually buy fiverr services, and setting up a successful social media account takes time, energy, skill and patience that many just don’t have.

The main way social media can help you is to maybe get your friends to buy a few gigs, but that wont be genuine as they probably don’t need your services, they are just helping out. In that case your reviews would be fake.