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Need some legal help with TOS

So obviously fiverr is against communicating with buyer outside fiverr. What about clients you brought to fiverr? What about clients that you chatted very often on discord and you somehow brought to Fiverr to buy your services? Will contacting them outside Fiverr be against TOS now?


No if it’s BEFORE they place an order then fiverr can’t do anything about it.


Oh okay that’s great, thank you

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Great question, I had been thinking of this before…
So after completed the order, are we allow to communicate outside of Fiverr (in this case, discord?). Will it be against TOS ?


I believe in this situation it’s not allowed cause client is brought to you by Fiverr


That depends, I mean you can’t just quit talking to friends and family just because you brought them as clients to Fiverr. If you’ve been talking to someone before the order started you are also allowed to talk to them after the order is completed, but I would be careful to discuss that order outside of Fiverr, future orders should also be discussed through Fiverr for transparency reasons in case something goes wrong.