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Need some opinions


A fiverr buyer placed an order from me without messaging me first (which I state on my gigs). She was requesting direct email addresses of heads of marketing/communications for large companies in the islands of St Kitts and Nevis. After she placed the order, I told her that she should have messaged me first. However, I said I will try to do my best to assist. I spent an hour and a half researching to find email info for the businesses/companies. I did find some direct emails but others were general email boxes. I placed the info that I found on a document and uploaded it as an attachment. She said thanks for the info but wanted me to find the direct info for the ones that were general email boxes. I stated that I would try this weekend for the info.

I spent another 30 minutes but was not able to find the direct contact info. I stated this in a message and said sorry but wish I could be of more assitance. I even told her to find someone else because I was not able to find the info. She then marked the order complete (which means she was happy with the order) and then submits a bad review for me! I was very upset!!! I spent a lot of time on her order, and was even willing to not accept the money, that is why I said to try to find someone else. She expected me to do in depth research for $5 which is unprofessional. I have never gotten a bad review on fiverr. She was unfair and there was no need to give me a bad review. We could have mutually agreed to cancel the order. However, she never gave me a chance to refund her money, instead she marks the order complete then writes a bad review!

I then messaged her asking her why she wrote a bad review. She stated that she did not get the info that she asked for. (She did get about 8 direct email contact info for 8 business managers/owners). I gave her a total of 17 email addresses and 8 were direct ones. There was no way to find the direct email for the other 9 which I told her.

What is your opinion of this? Am I the wrong one or is she?

I also sent a ticket to fiverr support.


Has anyone else had an experience like this and what was the result if you contacted fiverr support?


Reply to @lorena72:

  1. Has anyone else had an experience like this?


  2. And what was the result if you contacted fiverr support?

    They will not remove the negative feedback even if you request for order cancellation and a refund to the buyer. They will only remove the negative feedback if they have the permission from the buyer to do so.

    What’s the point refunding the buyer when the negative feedback would still be there am I right?

    So in other words, don’t waste your time and look forward to improving your gig.


This doesn’t make sense. (Unless I’m reading it wrong).

How could the buyer mark the order as complete? Only the seller can do that.

But, aside from that, the only advice I can really give you is the following:

I see a lot of sellers add the ‘Message me first’ routine when making gigs.

From personal experience, and from what I read here on the forums it doesn’t work and usually causes more harm than it does good.

I’m sure some will argue this point but here’s what I find.

Buyers read the Title of your gig and maybe the next line or two and decide if they’re going to order. Obviously, this isn’t always the case but for the most part… it is.

Having a caption saying to message you doesn’t do any good if the potential buyer doesn’t read that far.

And then, we have the language barrier. To a lot of potential buyers the term: “Message me before ordering” translates to order my gig or order and message me your details. I’m not kidding here.

My advice? Be as clear as you can with your Title. And try to word your gig in a way that you don’t have to write stuff like: “I won’t do this, or message me that”. Try to word it so it shows what you WILL do and have no room for error.

I know… it’s hard. But worth a try.


It’s so unfair!

Some buyers don’t even think of how muh time we spent time on a work…

I just had the same experience as yours a few days ago.

I translated an article from English to French. After spending around 2 hours, i sent it to the buyer. The day after, he marked it as completed and i discovered that he left me a very negative feedback, it was so hard to read it saying that a Google Translate would do a better job than me, etc…

No need to say that it make me very angry, he didn’t even say anything before marking it completed. Then, he had also sent me a message saying that he will open a case against me to Fiverr if i don’t refund him, he also had some bad comments saying that i was a scammer, he was using an agressive language, i was feeling like i was talking to a gangster…

So i decided to refund him. But how? Because he already marked the order as completed, i didn’t have the possibility to cancel the order.

So i sent a message to customer service who cancelled the completed order (they are very fast and efficient, i think Fiverr has the best customer service on Internet <3). But they say they can’t delete the negative feedback without the buyer consent. So i sent another message to the buyer asking him to delete the feedback, he said he can’t delete it…

Finally, i sent a last message to the customer service with a screen of my conversation with the buyer (where he said he was agree to delete the feedback) and then, Fiverr deleted his feedback.

It’s good that this problem was resolved but i spent two hours for nothing and lost 15$ to be treated like a dog. I wish i will never see this type of buyer again.


Thanks for both of your replies.


Update: Fiverr support said that I had to get the buyer to agree to a cancel and also for her to agree to remove the feedback. I sent her a message but she never even replied! She has logged in since I sent the message but must be ignoring it. I wish she would take her $5 back, I don’t want anything to do with her!


It is not so fair but seems you cant do anything… Some people are just pain in the ass, some just do not get that they have paid $5 but expect to get something worth $500.

I have only 2 thumbs down on over 1000 sold gigs but one of that 2 was when a gig was new and seems like nobody wants to order that and scroll down after seeing that my percentage on that gig is less than 90% :frowning:


Hi All,

I haven’t had that experience (in fact I haven’t sold anything at all) but just wanted to say that it seems that dealing with the public can be equally bad everywhere. :slight_smile:

I am sorry that your experiences were bad, I tried to be a good buyer and not expect miracles for a fiver.


Hi, Lorena. I’m sorry this happened to you. From my experience, most clients understand what I’m offering, they communicate well & we’re able to work things out, if, an issue arises. Occasionally, what should be a smooth process, becomes difficult. You do your best to rectify the situation, but, in the end, sometimes all you can do is move on. May your next connections be positive & successful :slight_smile:


I have never had a problem until this particular buyer.

She has still never responded to my message about getting her a refund. Oh well.

It is going to clear soon, her loss.


I am both a buyer and a seller, so I know its hard on both sides at times. But to expect in depth research for $5 and when I spent an hour and a half on it, then to expect more…that is just being a cheapo.