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Need some precisions about TOS

I am not an English native and my english grammar is far from perfect so I would like you to confirm the exact meaning of these lines in the TOS :

Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the seller at the beginning of the order process.

Does “may” means that the buyers are obliged to use “Request Revisions” feature when they need revisions or is it just a possibility and they can chose to use it or not ?

And, can I refuse to make a revision if the buyer doesn’t use the “request revisions” button ?


I don’t even get what you’re asking.

If a buyer wants a revision, they can click the “request revision” button. They can also just ask you, instead of clicking the button, which is nicer for you because that way there’s no timer and no late delivery. You can refuse the revision in both cases if it’s not a legit request (even though “refusing” the revision pretty much requires that you deliver “nothing” if the client clicked the request revision button). Fiverr’s system is TERRIBLE at handling revisions. If the order contemplated no revisions, the request revision button should be outright disabled for the client.

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When sellers offer revision in their gig, there is a number that appear next to the “Request Revision” icon. As example:

Request Revision (2)

This number counts down every time buyer request revision. Once it gets to zero or for those who do not offer revision, it should be grayed out, IMO.

I mean I can always discuss with seller for a mutual agreement, if I need changes. Seller’s can always redeliver without me selecting request button.

Btw, my opinion, all sellers should get rid of unlimited revision. I, personally, never hire based on that fact - don’t even look for it. I think it’s a magnet for scam artist buyers.

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Fiverr is clearly at fault here. No excuses.

Personally I just roll my eyes at sellers offering unlimited revisions. Unlimited revisions are an impossible concept. It CANNOT exist. Unlimited revisions presuppose unlimited time and, therefore, demand a price of infinite dollars. There is no such thing as infinite time or infinite money, so unlimited revisions are just, to put it bluntly, A LIE.

I offer only 1 revision.
Very few of my buyers have asked a revision until now but I have on repeat buyer who always asks 3-4 revisions for the same order.
What he asks is due to his errors in the recquirements. He never asked a revision due to my fault. I know that in this case I could ask for an extra but until now I have never asked because the revision requested are not long at all.
Most of the times he asks me to change a detail in the text (for example the dimension of the product) or 1 or 2 words (the brand name or the name of his product) or to write that the product is not only dedicated to women but also to girls student.

I can do these revisions (that’s so easy !) but he is unable to ask every little thing in the same message. I am obliged to deliver 3-4 times the same order with very small changes due to his faults. And finally, I spend more time that I thought…

I am looking for a “tactic” to force him to give me all the changes required in only one message.

That’s Fiverr’s fault for allowing him to request more revisions than what’s stated in the order. If the order clearly states ONE revision, I don’t get how a client is even allowed to ask for more.

What you should do is do the number of revisions stated in the order and then, if he asks for more, immediately shut him down and respond with a gig extra for each revision he asks. He wants more revisions than what’s offered in the order, he must pay for them. Simple.

In my opinion, an “unlimited revision” means that the seller is not sure of the quality of his job and the buyer looking for unlimited revisions is someone who doesn’t know what he wants.
When I was employed and my boss asked me to do something he never told me “do the job and we’ll have time to improve it 10-20 times”. My bosses were always waiting for me to deliver the perfect job the first time.

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Try telling him that it will save him time if he does it that way, most people love anything that helps them to save time and it might make him think of your time in a polite way.

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I will remember this sentence next time he asks me something.
I have checked all the orders delivered to this client. I have always delivered more than what he paid but he didn’t even left a little tip…

Next time just turn him down. You don’t need a client like that.

Thanks for the idea. Next time I deliver a job to this client I will tell him.
The best would be that he makes the changes himself in the doc file I delivered.
When he asks me to change 13 cm in 23 cm and to send him a new file, he spend more time writting the message than changing one character in the doc file !

This client is nice but we lose time !

I will be more strict with him.