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Need Some Suggestions About Verification

I have withdrawn from Fiverr to Payoneer several times. My Payoneer account is verified with my passport. recently I ordered a Payoneer card, then Payoneer wants some verifications from me, like bank documents and address verification, When I submit documents, they reject them continuously.

Now, I don’t want to receive a Payoneer card right now, I will order it later, then what should I do now? If I don’t complete these verifications for a card, will I face any problems with my transaction? I just want to use Payoneer to bank transfer.

Please let me know, what should I do know?

This is a between Payoneer and you. Nothing to do with Fiverr.

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oh sorry, actually i tried to contact them, but didn’t get any answer, If any seller face this problem , they can suggest me about it

Again, nothing to do with Fiverr. Sorry, I don’t want to sound harsh but it is off-topic.