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Need some suggestions for my gigs


Hi there, I have created two similar gigs that give the same service, vectorizing portraits. I have created a video and put some of my best work for the gig galleries. I’m getting some views for a day but I hardly find my gigs when searching as an outsider from fiverr. Is that normal for a newbie or do I have to do something to improve them furthermore. Also I would be glad if you take a look at my gigs and what would you think about them if you were a buyer looking for that service. Thank you very much.


Looks fine unless these image havent any copyright issue


Thank you… No all are my work, I’m ready with source files😉


Are you doing anything to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr? Do you have a strategy in place?


Not really, I didn’t put much efffort for advertising as all I can do is putting these links and promoting in social meadis. But I think It don’t have a considerable effect. A common phrase I see almost everyday is you should reach your customers after a research or something.I’m afraid I can’t find many people on social media(I mean there’s a circle or range I can do advertising or promoting) looking for my service.


Well first think about who needs a vector graphic drawing? A movie studio, an actor, a persona for a blog, etc. Then think about how you can best communicate with them to sell your service. Just posting links and hoping people will find you is the wrong approach. You need to think about who your targets are and where to find them.

People who need your drawings may have no idea about Fiverr.

Do you work on these drawings full time? What’s your business?


Yeah I agree with you mr. Mattson. I have to search a bit more and find a good way to promote my gigs. I’m not a full time graphic designer or a businessman.I’m a university student. Thanks for the suggestion btw :slight_smile:


Hello! Your gig looks good. The one thing I would recommend you to do is to optimize your description. It’s a bit rough and there’s some grammatical/spelling mistakes. You want to come off as professional as possible so people feel that you are a reliable seller. This has nothing to do with how many views you get but it definitely could be affecting why people aren’t buying. Try to transform your description into something witty and eye catching to the reader, this will set you apart from all the other thousands of sellers out there!


Thank you very much. For sure I will work on the description. :slight_smile: