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Need some suggestions to improve my gig



Hello everyone!

Seems like recently I’m getting lots of gig views but still feels like most of them are not satisfied with my gig. Those sales are mostly from repeated customers.

Could you please take a minute to checkout my gig and give some suggestions? Much appreciated.



from your Graph it shows it already going upward.


Yes it is. That’s exactly why I posted this. Even though I get lot of views, forgot to mention that I only received a single message for this week. Feels like something is wrong with my gig.


Have a look at this post. Very powerful tips.


This is very helpful. Thanks!
By putting this post I’m kind of expecting the feedback from senior / experienced sellers which personally looked at my gig. So they can point out where I need to do fixing.


That’s not something I shop for, so I have little to no experience in that field, but your portfolio looks good and so does your description.

If there are 2 things I’d change it’d be:

  1. The number of revisions to 3 or omit it completelly.

Personaly when I’m buying something I don’t want to go through 5 rounds of revision to get what I need.

  1. On your note at the top of the description I’d change the focus from the price to the outcome.


If the buyer is price sensitive for that particular gig saying for them to get in touch to know the price may discourage them from even contacting you.

Other than that I think everything looks good.

Good luck!


This is what I’m looking for. Never saw those points. Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.


Hey, thanks for appreciating my reply. @amilaudara
To speak the truth, I’m just a new seller on Fiverr and I am still wrapping my head around the dos and donts of this platform.
I uploaded 3 gigs and was looking for some helpful posts to improve my gigs views, just when I saw your post. Glad I could help.
Please view my gigs and favorite them as a token of appreciation. Thanks.


Woww… @amilaudara your impression are so good. Then why my gigs impression stuck in 400-300. Can any one explain this problem?


Yeah sure thing. Good luck with your journey. Cheers!


Well I have something to point you out.

You have “I will remove or change any background professionally”, “I will do 50 images background removal and retouch” and “I will do 50 images background removal and fast delivery” as separate gigs.

Instead of having them as separate gigs, put first 2 as packages of a single gig and put fast delivery as a gig extra. Therefore you will only have 1 gig for background removal but with different packages.

This trick will surely increase your impressions.



thank you for suggestion @amilaudara


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