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Need some suggestions


Hello Fiverr,
It’s been about 2 weeks since i joined fiverr, found some interesting ideas, posted my own gigs and now I’m at a loss. I haven’t been able to sell a single gig, is my gig lacking ideas?
In need of some serious suggestions!.


(first part deleted, not relevant, my searchbox didn´t like me today)

You can put your fiverr mainpage profile-link here in your forum settings as website, then people who might help you only have to click your name for a link to your fiverr main profile to see profile and gigs.


@miiila This is his profile, and his gigs are active:


Thank you, catwriter, weird, usually search works fine for me.

Prowriter, forget the first part of my post then, sorry, but the second one still is a good idea, because people, even buyers, might see a forum post of yours and it´s good if they can click your name to get to your fiverr gig page then. :slight_smile:

Your gigs and profile look very nice to me actually, though I´m not a writer, so other writers probably could say more. There are many gigs in that category I guess, so it might be harder to stand out. Did you try Buyer Requests? That´s how I got quite a few jobs when I started.


It takes time to get the first sale as the first buying anything from someone without any previous sales would literally be a person betting his cash on an unproven service.

Add more gigs to your profile, that will increase your chances of getting a first sale.

Potential gigs for your niche :

Urdu to English translation
Audio Transcription
Editable Adobe PDF files creation
Product specification writing
Guest posts
Ebook writing


Thanks, but I think posting in forum’s kinda like unprofessional I guess, I’ll try it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try those too @silkroute. Thanks for your suggestions means a lot to me.


No no lol though there is a category extra to post your gigs, didn´t use that one myself yet, but what I meant is that some buyers read the forum and might like the way you write or your attitude or something and see if you have any gigs they might be interested in, and you make it easier for them, if you have a link to your profile, it happens! :wink: and if you post on the forum anyway, making things easier for customers again is professional I´d say :slight_smile:

And I see you have a link now, great. :slight_smile: