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Need some tips about this one buyer


For one of the gigs I do, I translate up to 500 words from English to Slovenian or vice versa.

The problem is it’s more than 500 words from this particular buyer. I don’t mind helping this buyer. When the buyer messaged me how much it is to translate and how long it will take, I answered back. Buyer replied saying that I got the deal and if my quality is perfect, the buyer would pay me way more than I asked for. Well, the thing is the buyer didn’t order the gig from me but instead sent me a book of what to translate.

This is the first time for me when it comes to a buyer sending me what I need to translate in my language before ordering it from me first. I don’t know what I should do. Any tips would be helpful.

I feel as though if I do translate the book and deliver the order to him before he pays me, I won’t get that pay after I deliver it. I don’t want to feel used and he gets a freebie from me.

Once again, any tips would be helpful. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


genuineguidance said: If you want to get something done here, pay the lousy $5.50 to a reputable seller

This is not really for @genuineguidance (I think you will know) but for the supposed buyer. Not only is it kind of a small amount to pay $5.50 for a basic sample but the seller won't even see that money. Fiverr gets 1.50 of that, taking $1 from the seller and .50 from you. The seller now might get $4 for giving you real time and real work. Even then, the seller has to wait a minimum of 2 weeks to actually get that four bucks and PayPal or whoever will probably take a bit more, leaving the seller with what is probably a maximum of $3.xx for their time and work. If you leave them a less than 5 star review just because the work isn't your perfect fit, you damage their reputation and potentially levels on Fiverr. If that is worth it to you, I hope you understand it when someone does something similar to you.

Just to be clear, I buy too, so if a seller leaves me totally hanging with no product or deliberately advertises they can give me my $5.50 value knowing that they really have no skills in that area, I do blame the seller and I leave feedback to reflect it. However, if I believe the seller really tried to learn about the area they sell in, delivered me their best effort and on time, it's on me to move on and at least be neutral if the match just didn't work out.


I agree with genuineguidance. Samples are alright, but honestly… 10 pages isn’t a sample, it’s a lot of work. I have provided samples before, especially when I was just starting out as a translator, but they were one paragraph. One paragraph is more than enough to prove to a client that you are able to translate.


She wasted “your time”? Really? Hmmm sounds a bit backwards here as you wanted her to translate 10 pages and then you will decide if it is worth $50 or your supposed generous gift of $200?

I think you may have wasted her time promising a huge amount of money IF she did some work for free (or a lot of work if I read that right, that you wanted 10 pages translated before you would pay) to prove her ability. I realize she is new (and maybe that is why you targeted her? Thinking she was naïve enough to do free work and hope to get a big payday?) and may not have many if any ratings for you to base your decision, but, if you needed someone who has a proven track record, why not choose a Level 2 or Top Rated seller who does what you need? See how you look suspicious? By complaining that she sought out the advice of the community here, it seems your scheme was exposed, you got embarrassed and withdrew your request to I guess get her to do some free work for you.

If you want to get something done here, pay the lousy $5.50 to a reputable seller who has ratings and see if their work stands up to your scrutiny. THEN, if you find they are worth their salt, order the other 9 pages or whatever you need done.

Somehow, I think you were out to dupe a new seller, but, that may just be my intuition.



Asking for samples isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, and of course, sellers are welcome to operate how ever they see fit, but when a buyer starts with the ‘there are a million others who will do it’ pressure, and they’re trying to make a seller compensate for something a different seller did wrong, it really burns my biscuits.


That guy sounded really suspicious, I’m glad @spiritualheal asked for advice, always look for help when someone like this shows up again.


@spiritualheal - You are lucky to be out of this situation based on my experience and observations. Promises made with words and not $ often don’t turn out as hoped for. Good luck with your future gigs!


Just to clarify the following text I sent to the Seller!

Ups I lost the text:

… anyway I withdraw my Offer and the case is closed. I Demanded that she is not to share any of the material with anybody as well demanded to delete the material.

Just reminder beware of this Seller as it wasted my time!!!

lajospro said: Just to inform you I got burned here couple of times already, where paid in advance and got a "Sloopy Joe" results. I pay for what I can use!!!
I definitely get it. Sellers get burned too when buyers take free work and then never come back to purchase the big order they promise.

The way it works is that a buyer orders a basic $5 gig (like @mgjohn78). If that goes well, the additional work is ordered and paid for. If the $5 order isn't completed according to the gig description, you get a refund. Then you can order from someone else.

It is not fair to punish @spiritualheal (or any other seller) by trying to coerce them into giving you free work (small sample or otherwise) because some other seller "burned you". That's what the refund system is for.


Reply to @lajospro:

The issue is that you can not pay anything for the test work without going thru the order process.

As a buyer i have bought the base gigs as a test and that system has always worked out for me! In worst case scenario i would lose 5 bucks but then i would still have the option to cancel and get a refund.

With translation work (most gigs i buy here and elsewhere are translation gigs) when unsure of a sellers level of skill you can ask to see some more premade work samples!


Hi Its…

she give me a price to complete the book for $50.-, which I was estimating to be low. So I told her if she does it and the sample is accepted, I will pay her $200.-, as she does a good job / the job can be good but still a bad translation!!!/ You getting it.

As of now she did not proved to me anything. I did not seen any of her work. The best possible is not good for me! It has to be perfect or I will not accept it to be blamed for poor grammar etc.

Just to inform you I got burned here couple of times already, where paid in advance and got a “Sloopy Joe” results. I pay for what I can use!!!

I may just withdraw my offer as she seems to be unstable if she dos not believe in herself and needs outside opinions!!! ???

I am fluent in 6 languages and I am confident in my work, than no problem for me to give sample work…

Marry Christmas!!!



Hi Johan, I’m only speaking my opinion, but its simply a matter that you place an order. That’s how Fiverr works - buyers pay in advance. Place an order for a basic gig which is 500 words for $5. Then if @spiritualheal does a good job, ask her to provide a quote to complete the rest of the work.

You’re correct that you can get somebody else to do the work, but you should consider that spiritualheal has already proven herself as a conscientious worker by trying to provide service in the best possible way. If you go elsewhere you may not get the same quality.


Hi Folks!!!

I am the one who placed the order, with the condition, that she translates 10 pages for which I will pay even if is not acceptable.

If the translation is good than She will get the order and I will pay her Premium. So there is no risk for her. I am the one that sticking my neck out with the risk.

As this book is getting translated into more than 10 languages people are accepted and working on it.

So if you not sure forget it somebody else will do it.

Regards to all of you!!!



I completely agree with @mgjohn78 and @serverconsultan. Get in touch with the buyer for clarification. Is it possible they just sent the book so you could see what they wanted to decide if you could do the work?

Translation can be tricky, so I think the sample demo of a short paragraph isn’t a bad idea, but make sure you explain that the buyer will have to place the order before you provide anything more. Good luck!


Newer do any work before an order has been placed. Just explain to the buyer that they need to place the order so that you can begin!


You could simply offer him a demo for one paragraph. if customer ask for more, than request the payment otherwise refuse to deliver.

You deserve to be paid for time spent. Any genuine customer will pay to get services.