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Need some tips for improving my gig

My gig is up for a while now:

I need some tips for improving it, because, although I have 200 impressions, I have 0 orders.

you have to do marketing you gig!!

do online marketing like share your link with your social accounts.

It looks like a good gig. You state in the gig that you don’t do textures; is that something you’d consider adding as a gig extra? The reason that I ask is I feel like your first image (and the one that shows up in search results) could really benefit from being fully textured. It would bring a lot more life to the picture and make people more interested in clicking your gig (and possibly in ordering). Another possibility is to do something more substantial than a weapon. It was difficult for me to see the nice details of the bow from just the overview photo that shows up in a search. I’d definitely recommend a flashier photo, somehow. Then, once people are on your page, they can admire the finer details of your untextured models.

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