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Need some tips for my gig

I have created a gig for working as a virtual assistant & i’ve received zero orders even after completing 60 days.
Here the link-
what is that I can improve ?
Any suggestions?


Your prices are to high for an unknown seller. Also provide sample s of your work and a better description. 3 hours of work for 80$ puts you at 26 an hour which honestly makes you one of the highest paid VA on the platform. That’s more then I make working in a factory. At those prices your should be offering magic and have examples. You could try offering a tiered system


thanks ! for the great advice… :slight_smile:

Your welcome, try looking around at the market to see what higher rated and higher ordered people are doing.

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Base your prices on the quality of your work

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I would definitely add other prices, add another thumbnail and samples of your work, change some keywords and be more active on fiverr

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You should create a professional and eye-catching gig.


image gig and url is not appropriate.