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Need some Tips for seller


how a seller can get more order.what is the best way to increase sell.


Promote your services wherever you can ethically, provide an outstanding service each time.


thank their any site that can help me a lot for promoting?


Social Media Sites, but don’t spam.


Dont you provide digital marketing services?


yes .i provide it … i am now using social media site for promoting . .


Changed :+1:now better :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


LOL! You replied on the wrong thread friend.



I have been away from Fiverr since I created my account here some time ago. Now I am back and making gigs, but no one hires me. Please give me some tips.


Everyday Send 10 buyer request and use your portfolio also use unique conversational word


Try to send 10 buyer request everyday, do marketing on social media and make your gigs attractive. It will increase your impression and view.


You can send minimum 10 buyer request everyday , promote your gigs on different social media , make your gig attractive and unique one. And also try to stay internet minimum 10 hours a day.


yes .i provide it … i am now using social media site


how to improve my gigs


Spam Like what, would you please give me an example please?


how you did that?
thriugh fb?


Always make yourself available, stay online.


Miss lizzymaker,
You r really Right…
I agree with you…