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Need some tips to make my buyers happier and also need some tips to handle clients


I Need some tips to make my buyers happier so that they hire me for more projects and also need some tips to handle some rude clients.

Thanks in advance.


Even if you make them happier, if they don’t need anything at all they won’t invent reasons to need your services. Repeat customers are awesome, but don’t rely on one-time clients becoming repeat ones.

What’s up with the rude clients?

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Thank you very much.

Well, there are many clients who are not very friendly and also they are rude. so i need some tips to convince them and make them assure about my quality.

If you’re dealing with rude clients, the last thing you want to be doing is making them repeat clients. Money may be a good motivator in the beginning, but it’s going to be a lot harder to ditch them when you have other clients who aren’t rude towards you later on. Ask yourself if you’re willing to deal with that client on a long-term basis without feeling dejected when it comes to working on their job.

Of course, for some clients, it’s about establishing boundaries. Stating that you do not wish to be spoken to rudely, but that you appreciate their business. This has been so helpful for me with previous clients, both on and off of this platform.

What can you do to convince them you’re worth investing in?

Do your best to deliver their order. In all honesty, that’s the only way you’re going to convince people that your work is to a high standard. It’s all well and good saying that you can complete tasks to a high quality, but people aren’t going to know that until they see what you can do.

Something I’ve implemented recently with one of my buyers is offering them a ‘sample’ piece at a reduced rate, e.g. 500 words for $5 when I’d usually charge $10. Obviously this isn’t something I’d do every time they came back to me with a new piece, but it was enough to encourage them to go ahead and order the rest of their piece at full price! This is probably something you should only do for buyers who are really hesitant to order from you, though, or people will come to expect it.

You can also have a sample prepared with all of your previously completed work, or examples you’ve completed specifically for Fiverr that will help show others how good you are at what you do. After advice from others on this forum, I created a portfolio consisting of my own blog posts, copy+pasted into a PDF, that shows my knowledge of content writing pretty easily. It’s helped to reassure one person who was reluctant to hire me when I have very few reviews and no portfolio available on my gigs.

I hope this helped; and good luck on getting happier buyers soon!


Wow. All the tips are great. :heart_eyes:. Thank you very much. Really appreciated it.

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Really Great tips :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Thank you very very much James.

Always send them 2 versions of the product always extra with long long descriptions

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Very good advice. On my voiceover gigs, I always offer to do a custom audition/demo. Many customers take me up on this, and it leads to orders.


Very good advice. Thanks, D