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Need Some tips!


Hey, I have been on fiverr for few weeks now but got 0 customers yet!
Please check out my gigs and tell me where am I mistaking!?


Nice way to engage traffic on your gig :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bro… this is not a way to engage traffic on my gigs! I’m just asking was some help!


do some research and try to write your descriptions in your own words. don’t worry people in majority on fiverr are helpful :slight_smile:


Some typos scattered along the description.
Medriocre grammar.
The descriptions are too short and generic.

You follow the strategy of pushing the purchase of the most expensive solution devaluing the “Basic” package.

You are sending the message that your cheapest product is something in which you don’t really believe.

Think about “value for money”.

Too few examples. Bland style.
WordPress is popular, there are thousands of beautiful themes that can be downloaded for free.

Overall impression: one of the many.
Good intentions, wishful thinking, too little creativity.


thanks for your support sir/ma’am!
I’ll look after your suggestions for sure


If I were a buyer, I would have more information on this service “I Will Make A Great Website For You”

Which blog provider?
How many pages?
Is there any contact form, gallery?
Is there any extra extension?

It would be nice better gig photos.

These are my personal thoughts. Your gigs seem poor. Make them rich. Give as much as information.


Hi. I recommend to review the “buyer requests” everyday. You can send till 10 offers a day. I think that is important in the first weeks on Fiverr. Maybe you will appear in the last positions in searches in first days. You have to promote your gigs in the social net and send offers everyday.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have a look at it for sure!


Thanks for the tips! I’ll try my best for my next gig and promote it! :grinning:


create some awesome,superb and most wanted gig for buyers.Then you must use buyer request and you will see orders within week!

That’s my tip with experience !