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Need Someone To Animate My Character for Video Intro


I’m looking for someone who can use my drawing i’ve provided or could create their own with the similar image/style. I need you to animate my character opening a box at which point a light emits from it, leaving the character wide eyed and breathless.

-Need it to be exported as .mov or .mp4

-Maximum time length 5 seconds

-Needs to be full HD


Did you know that Fiverr has a Request a Gig option? You might reach more people by posting your request there. Just go to My Orders and select Request a Gig from the drop-down menu that appears. Good luck!


Reply to @amandygran: Thats where I originally went but it limited me by a drastic amount. I also could not add a picture. Is there anywhere else that may work because the “Request A Gig” section is useless. It only allows 120 characters. Thats less than a tweet. I asked Fivver on Twitter where to go and they linked me to the forums.


You could also reach out to sellers that does the base of what you’re requesting. Often times starting a message to a seller with what you need and asking if that’s something they offer can result in you getting a customized offer, plus you’ll be able to attach and give more details.