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Need someone to create a fun, bubbly yet professional powerpoint? Or a chilling creepy story?


With experience in creating interesting, exciting powerpoints but still making sure to get the information needed across to my peers - I am willing to put in the time to create a powerpoint that fits your needs!

Alternatively, I also write short horror stories if you would like!

I only have two gigs up at the moment, both charging $5 but I will go above and beyond to meet your expectations!




Do you write stories and self-publish them in addition to writing them for Fiverr customers? If not, you should think about it.


I’m sorry, I am not sure what you mean. I do write stories and am eventually wanting to self-publish! It’s just I do not want to jump into self-publishing yet when I still have a lot to learn so I want to start low and grow from it


That sounds like a good plan.


i just don’t know how to get people to buy, maybe it’s because I’m new


I think that it would help if you had more than two gigs. The two you have are completely different. Try to design several more around the ones you already have. Think about what else you can do around PowerPoint that people may search for. Or, what other types of stories can you write? It might also help to have examples of a few slides up that people can see or an excerpt of a story. I have a decent number of reviews and still the question prospective customers ask me if to see examples of my work.