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Need someone to review and help me improve my gig

hi everyone,
i am new to fiverr. Can anyone review my gig and guide me, how can i improve my gig or get first order.

thank you !! :blush:


Hi, your gig looks pretty good to me. However, your delivery time and pricing seems a bit conflicting. It takes more money and more days to deliver your highest package. I think it should be reversed. Like for $225, the delivery time should be less than it is and for $55, the delivery time should be more. The way it’s set right now, buyer’s might likely go for the basic package.
Also, the image in your gig isn’t quite catchy. It’s just plain text. My suggestion is try making it a little more colourful. I’m not an expert though :grin:. I’m just trying to help.


thank you for reviewing my gig, i’ll edit my gig as you have suggested.

once again thank you for your precious time. :blush:

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