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Need Sugession About a Client

I am a web Designer, Around 1 week ago, I got an automatic order at night when I was sleeping. On the requirement part of my gig I clearly said, I will need a domain and hosting access. But that client place only an image of his logo on the requirement part and the time was 24hour to complete the order, After that, i wait for him for more than 18 hours, but he didn’t back. then I did the site on my domain, and message him again, at last, he come back after 3 days. and said he placed wrong information on content, not only that he don’t have any domain and hosting but he needs a website, Now whats your suggestion, what should i do??

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Do it on your local machine, create a zip file, and deliver that zip to your client. hosting and domain is not mandatory after all

Already tried That, He said, I can’t open This, Please give me link

Discuss with the client and what website he want to create. Then just suggest him/her the available domain and most affordable cheap hosting and say him to buy. Otherwise ask him to buy a cheap hosting like 1$-5$ and you can use a free domain like .tk, .ml, and make them the website. When he/she will buy the hosting and TLD domain, he can migrate or you can offer the migrate him for free at that time. Hope it will helpful.

Before doing this ask permission from the buyer. Don’t do own your own.

already ask that, he don’t wants to buy any domain or hosting, but want a website

then, Say the buyer that he looking for is not possible and cant do that order. Then you can cancel the order without affecting your “order completion rate” and “on time delivery”. Contact Fiverr CS and say them that the buyer did not provided all the requirements and want to work on that. that is not possible. say them to request the buyer the requirements on behalf of you or if still don’t send the full requirements say CS to cancel the order. They will cancel without affecting your any rate or affect your profile. Its the last option in this case I feel.

Well, that is ridiculous.

So, is he expecting YOU to buy it or to be the host?
This person sounds like they either are not aware of how websites work, or they are trying to pull a fast one. I would explain to them like they are completely oblivious that in order to have a website you have to buy a domain and pay monthly for hosting!

With the way this order has gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to have customer service cancel it.