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Need suggest for Create new GIG

I joined Fiverr in September 2020. Then I open two gigs but no impressions or clicks on the gig. There was only 200+ something impression in three months. Then I find out from many other people that my gig was not seo friendly so I deleted two gigs after 3 months. Now I want to open a new gig to research almost four months. My question is Would I open the gig from my previous account. or I will delete the previous account and create new account, then create new gig?


1.Make a plan. :smiley: :smiley:
2.Make your profile professional.
3.Add a mind-blowing description to your gig.
4.Add video to your gig.
5.Stay active.
6.Share your Gig on Social Media


thanks for reply, but my main questions previous account or create new account…please read last two line of my question.

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You can use previous account

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Fiverr Support Staff Luka sent this on my Support ticket on CS.

Your gigs are going to be ranked on any account regardless of that if you have only Buyer account or the account from which you conduct both selling and buying.

There is no need for you to open a new account. In case you decide to do that you would also need another email address. Also, the previous account would have to be deleted since it is prohibited for one user to have multiple accounts as per our Terms of Service.

use previous account . no problem

You would open the Gig with your current (or what you are calling your previous account). You are NOT allowed to have more than one account on Fiverr and you cannot just close an existing account and open another without Fiverr’s permission. I doubt they would give you permission to open a new account, with the scenario you have painted here.

Just create new Gigs in your existing account.



First of all, Make a proper plan. Try to gather some knowledge how people providing their service. Please note: Don’t copy other’s title or descriptions, create your own. Make sure that your title and descriptions are SEO friendly. The more people find your gig, the more you have chance to get an order from there. Although, it is not that easy that I’m saying. Please, try making your gig thumbnail and gig images eye-catchy and professional so people’s impressions will be good enough. Try to put PDF on your gig, moreover, you can showcase your portfolio.

Note: I’m a newbie here. I’ve found them from my research. Please rectify my mistakes and add your own opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for replay and your good suggest


Thanks all, I hope i can build a good career in this platform

Make a plan.
Focus on keyword.
best of luck.

Make a plan Focus on keyword

If I give you a very good suggestion that attracts a lot of clients, then I would create that suggestion for myself haha… so create and research your strategies. :wink: …and don’t copy gigs from other people because fiverr can ban you :wink: