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Need suggestiion to remove my Payoneer account

Hi there,

Last month, My fiverr account was hacked and also the Payoneer account. The hacker took 550$ from my account. I informed it to payoneer and fiverr. Somehow, payoneer add that lost money to my account and I requested for a bank withdrawn. Three months have already passed but I don’t receive the money yet. In the meanwhile, I contracted them and the said that my account is closed due to undisclosed reason!:worried:
Than I again contract them to remove my fiverr funding resource but they replied negatively, Just “sorry”.

What shall I do now? Fiverr also cannot remove it. Please help me!

Please note that: I have withdrawn money many times with this account. And also Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh.

Hopefully get some advise!

Shohag Williams

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You can easily remove your fiverr account from your payoneer account by contacting payoneer support. They will ask the reason of removing and the account details to confirm the ownership .

If you can provide those information to them then I can’t see any reason of not removing …And just "Sorry " can not be an answer …They should tell you the reason also .

Yes, I told them but the last word was sorry. I asked them why you closed my account they replied this " Unfortunatley from our side we are not able to remove it as your account is closed due to undisclosed. You may contact your partner directly to ask for possibilities"

I provided all the information they needed

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payoneer is something that you should avoid , there are a few horror stories that you can search online …about them , credit cards blocked with more than 5000$ on them… seriously avoid payoneer


I have removed my payoneer account when my payoneer account was closed … However as they told you sorry then you+we the forum member can’t do anything. There are two option of withdrawing through payoneer .One is revenue card and another is bank account. You can now choose the revenue card and use your another payoneer account to withdraw your fiverr revenue … You have also another option of paypal … :grinning:

How did you do that?

I have contacted them and they asked the information of my payoneer account and fiverr account…Even few days ago I have contacted fiverr CS to fix my payoneer issue because I could not add the payoneer card while I have removed my fiverr account from my payoneer account… But they mistakenly removed the bank account also … Now I am worried what will be happen when I will withdraw next time…Because I haven’t removed my fiverr account from the bank account (payoneer).If I can add new one . Then I can ensure that fiverr can remove payoneer account without contacting payoneer.

I looked online and found the answer. :wink:


right, my account blocked with $4000 and they said due to undisclosed reason

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