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Need suggestion about cancelling a project


I have been working with a buyer since month but he is increasingly seen irritated. When ever i ask him to provide certain details of requirements he gets irritated and says its your job but on the end when i show him progress he says i dont know how is it related to. Now he is saying the screen shots could be from any other project and i will be only comfortable when i will se the code. He asked me that he is considering to cancel the project. What is your opinion should i cancel the project or submit work to him?


1.There is no alternative to be the best in your category. It will reduce cancellation
2.Mention 100% exactly what you are offering and price?
3.Mention if you wont accept order without discussion.

I think these things makes sense to respective buyer


I have provided him with written proposal but i seems he is either totally new to the work as he expects me to deliver him code without closing of order.