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Need suggestion for Generate ORDER

Hello everybody,
I have created 7 gigs and sent 350+ buyer request but still, I can not get any order
What can I do
See my gigs if any issues tell me just I need to know my fault


Nice gig. Lower your prices is my suggestion.


I suggest you need active more time on fiverr.


you have already get 9 review

My basic package 10
Standard 85
Premium 225

So tell me what price best for me give me suggestions

Yes but now not get any Order :frowning:

Sister maybe I am actively on fiverr 15-16 he

But nothing yet any good results

You have some really nice gigs. It’s very eye catching, well organized and professional. I like the way you took the time to organize your gigs and used nice bullet points. :grinning:


There are a few minor grammar, punctuation errors; not a huge deal but thought maybe you can have a friend to look it over.

Far as buyer’s request is concerned, there are two things that may result in you not getting orders:

  • The lister changed their mind and hired no one.
  • The lister hired someone else.

I know people are in a hurry to be the 1st to bid, but the best one gets the job not the 1st one. You know what you are going to bid on so have a response ready but also take the time to read the request.

Instead of “dear sir/ma’am,” go with “Hi username.”

Instead of “I have experience in” (it sounds like a canned response) go with “I see you are interested in designing a web page ______ (whatever the client wants).” It shows them you read their request.

Make the request more about the buyer’s need instead of yours. Don’t give your credentials, that’s already in your profile.

Something like this maybe helful:

Hi Gina_riley2,

I see you are interested in designing ________. I have the right credentials and experience to give you that and more. What I can do for you is to __________ (simply reiterate word for word what the buyer wanted).

Good luck. I wish you the best. Btw, if I were in the market for what you offer, I’d hire you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing.

  1. Get ready for analyses those gigs that are new but get rank on the top page. Don’t select those gigs that are already huge sales and old.
  2. Find a keyword that has good sales like this keyword “Background removal”. You noticed all of the top gigs a good number of orders.
    Don’t find any keyword that has poor sales like “background replacement”.
  3. Find out there keyword and filter the best common 5 keywords that you want to use your gig.
  4. You would select a suitable meaning full sentence that’s are included 2-3 keyword.
  5. Last month I open my new gig that already gets rank 2-3 keyword top page.