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Need Suggestion For My gig


What is missing in my Gig and what should i add in it?.how should give title for this gig.?


My concern is that there is likely no market for this sort of thing. Who are your target customers? Who is going to need this service?


Ebay amazon Can need this gig . i thought that its rare…


You want to say that it is useless gig? Then i will remove this gig.:roll_eyes:


me also do these task. but no order


Best of Luck.hope you will get order Soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


You literally registered this month on Fiverr. I had to wait ~40 days for my first order and from what I’ve read on other people’s first orders, I was lucky!
My suggestion is to improve your English! Pay or ask someone to help you improve your gigs. Your gig title should sound like “I will modify your T-Shirt color”. Anyway, as a personal opinion, I don’t think people would need this gig. Perhaps offering to add models on the T-Shirts would help?
People that sell different T-Shirts with different models on them would need a photo for each model they provide, you could help them with that.

Good luck!


I didn’t say that your gig was “useless”. I merely said that there may not be be a market for it. I assume that you’ve alreayd done your market research, and you have a specific target customer market already primed for this. If so, great, then I wish you luck.

If not, you need to realize that just because you post a gig, that doesn’t mean there will be people flocking to whatever you offer. There’s a LOT of work involved with hosting and maintaining a successful freelance service. Fiverr is NOT a fly-by-night business. It you want to be successful – and profitable – you need to consider all the factors that go into a gig – the most important of which is your target market.

If you don’t have a target market that needs your service, then you aren’t likely to be successful with that gig. Think like a businessman. Work like an entrepreneur.


Hmmmm…:slightly_smiling_face:.ThankS. I am trying to become a good business man and will work like a enterpreneur and also think like a buyer.:slightly_smiling_face::blush: .