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Need suggestion for sending files to client

Hello,I need to know something.
I have delivered a order to my client through fiver,but,after completing the order,he want the PSD files from me. the file size is about 4 gb,now how can I send them to him?
If i send them with google drive or we transfer link in fiverr inbox,does this cause any problem? or break
any guideline rules?


I would give them the txfer link via inbox. I’ve sent links through inbox before and never had a problem about it.

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thanks dear. this is my first delivery in fiverr. so I don’t want to break any rules,so that for getting surity about this,now,I can send them to him without any doubt.
thanks again.

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No, If you upload it to google drive and send your client file links then you don’t break fiverr terms, Because this time you don’t have any way to send your work file.
But, If you are confused about it, then contact support and told your problem, then they give you the solution.

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