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Need suggestion from an Established Fiverr Seller from India - See more at:



I have posted this on Suggestion Box but did not receive any reply. May be in Chit Chat section I will get some help.

I will be moving to India very soon as my Husband got a long term project for his business. I do not have any idea how to use Paypal and Fiverr from there. Any long term seller from india–pls send me some suggestion. Can I use my current (US) paypal from there or I have to open new paypal? How long it will take to open a paypal account there? Is it easy to withdraw via paypal and then send it to my bank (may be my temporary Indian bank). Do you use Fiverr revenue card in India?

Also what about the internet connection and broadband speed?

I would be so much happy to see some advice. I really don’t want to suspend my gigs for long. Thank you very much in advance - See more at:


There is direct Bank Transfer via Payoneer, you can speak with @Nissim_payoneer on his thread here: and ask Fiverr Customer support to enable this feature when you’re in India.





You can use your US account but your Indian Bank account wont sync with it.

You can try changing your country in Paypal itself, which will make things easier. And NO there are no fiverr revenue cards in India. Also Payoneer option will eat significant percentage of your earnings, so try sticking to paypal itself.

You can create new account on Paypal in 10-15 minutes and get your local account associated pretty quickly.

Broadband speeds are good enough to work on your fiverr gigs here. You can try something over 2MBPS. I am working on much lower speed for over two years now…



ozzieuk and amolwagh

Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

To amolwagh

Thanks very much.

I heard to open the paypal, we need to send them address verification, passport etc and it takes long time?

Can’t you use the paypal fund to buy online again?

You said “You can create new account on Paypal in 10-15 minutes and get your local account associated pretty quickly.”

should I have to create it while I am in India, right?

Thanks so much for your time again.