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Need suggestion from sellers on Fiverr

Hi, Few days back buyer sent me message regarding creating mockup for him then he gave me instructions depending on that instructions i give a bid of 10 USD but he argued and said he have lots of order in near future this is just a test project so please do it for 5 usd.
I did not argued much as i believed he said truth so we started a gig.
Now after the gig was created he give so many instructions which were not in discussion before the gig was created. But again he requested me to accept and do so that i will get more order from him.

As the mockup was completed and buyer received it as he needed he started to request some modifications which were beyond the scope of 5 usd. In reply i said him it is not within the scope of price you have paid for this gig. then he started to criticize the work and said to cancel the order i said him to give genuine fact but he failed in doing so.

He then also started to blackmail me that if i dont accept the cancellation of gig he will put bad review and ratings.
Later the gig was auto approved.

Now this guy have left false rating what to do can anyone advice me? I contacted fiverr they were helpless as usual…

This buyer follow this tactics to get his work done for FREE.

  1. Message seller and create a gig of only 5usd
  2. get the artwork
  3. after getting the work done he will start to critize the work. and ask work which is not in discussion so that seller is forced to cancel the order.
    4.If seller dont cancel he will blackmail him or her to cancel or he will put bad rating.
  4. Eventually he will get his work done for free as seller will cancel the order. If seller dont cancel he gets 10 usd work for 5usd.