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Need Suggestion From You


Today I have just opened my fiverr account and saw that one of my previous buyer had sent me message that her old account got restricted and she need help to fix her website.Now My question is how I will help her.?I can not reply her now .:sob:

What to do now ? :roll_eyes:


If her account got restricted, how is she contacting you?


I get this all the time from previous buyers who contact me from a new account.
It all depends on how close I was to them, how good they were as clients and how I feel on that day.

I don’t know what you mean you can’t contact her. She has an account that she contacted you with. You could just ignore her if you want to. Or send her a custom order, it’s your choice.


Created new account and telling me that her old account got restricted


She sent me message message from her new account but when I have checked her new account also got restricted .


If her account got restricted and you can not responce her, it is not your fault and you should not worry about it. She should contact to the CS to ask the reason that why is she being restricted.


You are right . But I just want help her … Because she needs to fix something with her website…


I understand that but as you had said that she is no longer available on Fiverr then there is no way to do the work and get her requirements.


Yeah.If she can can fix her account and knock me then I will help her …