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Need suggestion ! Getting impression but no order

I need a suggestion, can someone please tell why I am not getting clicks on my gigs dispite the fact I am getting the impressions if someone can help please tell how to figure out this.


Maybe people aren’t attracted to the thumbnail or the title and they choose not to click. Work on both; see what others are doing and make something unique and professional. I haven’t been here long but I am beginning to understand that Fiverr is not simply a few amateurs who are trying to make money on the side. These people put time and effort into their work and many are experienced professionals that are great at what they do. To compete you have to level up and be at a similar level and stand out in every-way you can.


yes, i agree with you and going to try your tips

i am also getting so many views but no clicks as compare to views. how can is fix this. Thank you

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For more clicks you need to share your gigs with social media, like face book friends or with whats app friends,

Now a days people are crazy to see status on whats app and on facebook so share your gig there and ask them visit . It will increase clicks and impressions too.

share your work and availability of work 1st of all with your friends.Then with your groups. Your dailly 10 to 15 minutes of promotion can change your life.

Need no thanks for suggestion because it was friendly guideline .:slightly_smiling_face:
Wish you all the best :star_struck:


yes, I will try this
thanks a lot

That’s great.
Best wishes