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Need suggestion or Inspiration

Hi, I am Kibria, I started working Fever two years ago. After working 7 month, I get a lot of benefits, life starts to become normal after a long time. But after few month. I became very sick. For that reason, i stay 6 months in the hospital. Then there take me home from the hospital. I’m still sick and the treatment is going on. I could not do any work due to illness. Then this year they disable my That id. Then again open a new account. It’s fairly well with in 3 month. But I did the mistake, i add my previous payee account, That’s why fiverr Disable this account. Then i open another account. But I’ve lost all my confidence now. I don’t know what to do next. I send daily buyer’s request And try to do gig marketing, But its not working. Being illness, I lost my fiverr account, I lost my love one, now I don’t know what I should do. I developed the skill day by day, but I don’t know, what i do with that.

Have you asked Customer Support for permission to open it? If not, they’re likely to disable it.


You should have contacted Customer Support when they disabled your first account.
Also you need permission to open a second new account or they will disable it.