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Need suggestions for improve my gig

Hi, I am a new seller on fiverr. Now what should I do to get order and how can I ranked my gig.
Here is my gig link.


Your gig images are wonderful! Did you do your SEO correctly? if you’re getting enough impressions and clicks then I think you’re fine enough to go! :smiley: Still, you should get some expert advice from people on forums

Your gig image is not like a professional or Proper SEO Friendly. Try to solve it, And Try to in all keyword related suggested keyword in your description as much as possible. Now, share it on Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. Keep some example for buyer.


I did SEO properly and getting enough click and impression. Thanks for your reply

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Thanks for your advice

You are welcome. Hope you get order early.

Best of luck for your future

Thanks for your wishes

be active on fiverr forum and sent buyer request, soon or later you will get order . best wishes for you.

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Welcome to Fiverr forum community…
Here are some Tips to get order:

Create 7 gig
keyword research and good SEo
send buyer request regularly
gig marketing
stay active on Fiverr (Fiverr forum)
Good Luck

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Welcome to Fiverr forum

I am new Seller of Fiverr. And I am suggest Share gigs on social media. Be active on Fiverr. Create a perfect gig on your service. Deliver a quality work. Deliver your job within the order time. And Hopefully you will get more orders.

Have a nice day

gig image doesn’t look like professional, you should design your gig properly.

Add few more Gig image, and on cover image try to write feature of your service