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Need Suggestions for my Gigs


Hi, I have created several gigs on my fiver account and they have been up for a couple of days. I notice on my statistics page I have only gotten around 15 actual views, and I was hoping someone would have some advice on how I can make my first real sale. If anyone has knowledge in this field please help me out.



update your gig and share social media then your gigs views will increase and you will get your first sale


Hi alexkhs, thanks for your question how can can get your first order? In this case at first you have to updated your gigs these should be professional.share your gigs in social media as like Facebook, LinkedIn , Google and so on.Besides you have to send buyer request regular basis .I hope you would be beneficial .Best of luck!


Hi, thanks for replying. What do you mean update my gig? What is there to be updated?


I suggest you to do some SEO. Name your gig similar to the suggestions come when people search in the searchbox. For example I am a 2d animator but keyword for my services is 2D animation. And, be there to respond to the questions almost under one minute when people message you in your inbox.

Being online is the key to success at Fiverr. To always be online, I use Fiverr App and in the settings set the sleep time to never if you are using Android device.