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Need suggestions for not getting any order for the last 2 months

Hi, Everyone. I am Aditya. I work as logo designer on Fiverr and my work ran smoothly as I was getting orders. But from the last 2 months, I am not getting any order on Fiverr. I tried every possible away which I tried earlier for getting orders but every endeavour failed to get me orders for the last 2 months. So, I need suggestions what to do now.

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I am not a new seller sir. I already have 58 reviews on my gig @vickiespencer

some to you bro.last 3 mouth no order my gig.@Shobuz7

Make sure you are using your 10 custom offers everyday.

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Yes, I am using this 10 custom offers every day. But it is also of no use. Buyers message me and demand lots of things for 5$ and then left way and didn’t even respond after that @siyastudio

Did you change your original post? For some reason, I thought you were a new seller. There are many that come here looking for help that have not done the things suggested in the Miss Dixie videos. :wink:

Maybe your issue is because there are 44,078 new sellers in logo design? :flushed:

I just now looked at your profile and gig page and it does look good. I see you made level 2 before St. Levels Day. I was not so lucky. :confused: However, the last 2 months have been my best.


But the last 2 months were worst for me @vickiespencer :sweat::unamused::sob:

Like I said there were

That is a lot of competiton. Is there any thing else you can sell in addition o what you sell now?


Nothing. I design websites but not on fiverr. @vickiespencer

The competition is certainly less in website design. :wink:

I don’t think so. There also many freelancers standing in queue to get their first project @vickiespencer

Well, I just looked whereas logo design has 60,6490 total gigs being sold, web design has 10,028. That is less competition. Although it is still a lot of sellers. Logo design has over 200 TRS. Web design has a bit over 50.

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Hi, Aditya. The only gig I see on your profile is for sports logos, perhaps offer other logos too? If I´d look at your page and wanted a logo, but not a sports logo, I wouldn´t contact you because I´d think you only want to do sports logos.

Your profile text says you offer logo design and photo editing services, but you don´t have a gig for photo editing services, maybe try that if you already say you offer it? Your profile doesn´t align with your offerings, that might confuse people.

If you try a few more things/have more gigs, perhaps you´d get more inquiries, also, if you have gigs in more than one sub/category, you should see more Buyer Requests.

And Vickie is right, Logo Design certainly looks like a very crowded category, you´ll need to make your gig/s stand out. The cover image of your sports logo gig, for one, doesn´t convey “sports” to me.

You can also use the forum search function to find tips on how to promote your gig. Good luck for the next 2 months.


Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely work according to your suggestions. I also created 2 gigs related to the business logo and photo editing and both the gigs didn’t work for me. I didn’t get any single orders in those 2 gigs that’s why I paused them.@miiila

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