Need suggestions! My designs are not published by fiverr


Hi fiverr forum,

Ok right I don’t know could I explain my problem well or not but,let me try.:relieved:
I often visit other sellers’ gig and I see they’ve their designs shown with their reviews (along with fiverr tag). But in case of mine there is just my buyers’ reviews and if I visit my gigs I could see only my profile designs, which are just 3 in number.I don’t know whether there is a button to publish sellers’ design which my clients don’t use or what?:worried:
Do anyone of you have any idea about this?
I’ve sent a ticket to CS but no response.
I would love to hear your suggestions.


Do anyone have idea about this?


But your buyers need to allow their purchase to be shown there.


I’ve this setting already done.It means my clients do not allow their deliveries to show,huh? :smirk:


1 out of 32 on your bestseller left you an image. Maybe you’ve just been unlucky.


Hmm I guess I’m. :disappointed_relieved:


Could also have to do with people selling those t-shirts and not wanting the design to appear anywhere.


Thanks for response.I guess no one have idea about it except you.