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Need suggestions on how to promote my Services using SMM


I’m about to start SMM campaign for my Fiverr profile. I would love to know which methods are proven and if you have suggested me the channels and audience that will be nice. Like I’m doing research on Linkedin Lead Generation.

Also, I will be very thankful if you review my profile.


We cannot tell you where to promote your gigs because that is YOUR responsibility to research. Do some market research to understand your target customers. Determine where those target customers can be found, and then promote your services in those places. YOU need to do this, just as any business owner needs to do the same for their businesses. Your business is your responsibility, and your customers aren’t the same as our customers, so, we can’t provide you the easy answers that you seek. You’re going to have to research and find them on your own – even if it means a lot of work to do so. That’s part of being in business.


Thanks for your honest opinion.