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Need suggestions to get orders

I am going through a low rating issue and can’t send the buyer’s request since last September? As I can’t send a buyer’s request so there is less chance of getting a project and increase of my positive rating. what should I do?


I am also facing same problem. I have a idea, "find the person who need your services from your relative, friend, or facebook group. request them for order in fiverr.

Or wait and keep online always.

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Hello @samratufail
The Problem you facing now is common with most of the sellers, so don’t to worry about it.
I suggest you to stay online, update your gig with video, good description and with perfect tags and also share your gig on social media.
Marketing your gig on social media helps you to rank higher on fiverr.
All the above suggestion will help you with all your issues.

Thank You :pray:


That’s terrible advice and it could get you banned.

And staying online achieves absolutely nothing. It’s a total waste of time as we have discussed many times.

If you want to make sales, figure out why you aren’t selling instead of trying to silly tricks to game the system.


You are right but may more clients not interested to lower rate sellers. I shared my idea for increase that.

That doesn’t increase that either. What you recommended achieves nothing and it’s actually harmful.

Humanly, we can’t stay online 24/7. The point is I am sharing my gigs on social media but it’s been almost a year that I am unable to get a 90% positive rating because I think we can only get more orders through buyer’s request. @humanissocial

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Sharing your gigs on social media isn’t going to make sales. That’s a myth.

And BR isn’t the only way for any new seller to.grt an order.

Look at your competition and then you’ll have your answer. Don’t think you can override the laws of supply and demand with Buyer Requests and gig posts. You can’t.

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That’s so frustrating, seeing active 8 buyer request and can’t apply on a single one.

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